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How To Choose The Right Conference Table / Meeting Table

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How to choose the right Conference Table
Every office should has a space for a Conference Table. We always thinking on how to choose a conference table with space available. What kind of issues that should take into consideration when choosing a conference table? How to choose a suitable conference table for your company? Let find out now!
First of all, clear POSITION. Just like what we do in writing an article and deciding the theme, we must choose the appropriate conference table according to the company's positioning. If the company is a big organisation, it will goes to a high-end office conference table (Grand Conference Table / Customised Conference Table). If the company is small and has limited space available, it is more appropriate to choose a standard Meeting Table / Discussion Table, relatively normal / standard panel conference table or a steel base with wood table top conference table.
The second step is to clarify the FUNCTION. The role of the conference table now is not simply gathering people in order to hold a meetings or recording use, meanwhile it can be used for negotiation, or daily exchanges and sharing. As well as the development of the modern social Internet, office conference tables nowadays should also come with network functions, therefore the power supply and network cable box of the office conference table are indispensable in current trend. The conference table which only for daily internal meetings, it can be long or oval shape. While a round conference table will do for small meetings with several people.
Third, determine the SIZE. The size of the office conference table is generally determined according to the space available for the conference room and to occupy by the number of staff or visitor. If your conference room is large, you can always customize a larger conference table, which can highlight the atmosphere of the conference room; while the small meeting room space, you can get a smaller meeting table to fully utilise of the meeting table space.
Fourth, determine the MATERIAL. Common conference table materials are made of Solid wood, Chipboard, Steel Base with Chipboard top conference table. Solid wood conference tables or painted conference tables which are mid-to-high-end products, while chipboard conference tables are mid-to-low-end products, and the most common is Steel Base with Chipboard top conference table. Companies can get the right conference table by according to their own needs.
Get a right conference table is very important, while it plays a decisive role in getting working spirit between staffs and external image for an Organisation or a Company. 
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