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Asiastar Office Furniture Panel Partition offer a maximum planing flexibility with its sophisticated design and features that allows you to create all individual, team workstation, manager workstation, account workstation, HR workstation, general staff workstation, working staff workstation, It workstation, admin workstation, r&d workstation, designer workstation, site office workstation, engineer workstation, architech workstation, logistic workstation, shop office workstation, doctor workstation, school workstation, factory workstation, corporate workstation, government sector workstation a squarish and clean line design concept combined with carrying panel style option contribute a clean, elegant aesthetic appropriate through out office enviroment. we have a few type of workstation partition, L shape workstation, rectangular workstation, Y shape workstation, T shape workstation, cross shape workstation, individual work space, island work space. All of this can make in Full Fabric (Full Board) partition, half glass partition, 2 tone partition, 3 tone partition, white board partition, polycarbonate partition, solid panel partition and etc. All of this solid panel partition are available in 30mm thickness, 45mm thickness, 60mm thickness can with or without wire trunking raceway which is for wire power supply purpose.